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This Holiday Put Some Sparkle In Her Step!

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

Thanksgiving is here, which means winter’s biggest holidays are right around the corner! You’re probably already thinking about your décor, what you’ll find on Black Friday, and when you’ll have time to wrap all those gifts!

But hold on! Before you dive straight into the high-stakes holidays of Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa, have you considered celebrating St. Nicks?

No matter what festivities your family takes part in, St. Nick’s is a fabulous way to extend your holiday spirit and the sense of wonder we all crave this time of year.

Named for St. Nicholas of Myra, St. Nick’s is a day when families all over Europe leave a pair of shoes, (or sometimes stockings) outside their bedroom door and with the hope that it will be filled with trinkets and goodies by morning.

Here’s what we love about St. Nick’s:

1. You’re only filling a shoe...

Which means St. Nicks is resistant to the commercialism and pressure of bigger gift-giving holidays.

St. Nick’s is all about the small stuff: candy, chocolates, little toys, and trinkets are completely appropriate gifts. The aim with St. Nick’s is not to blow your budget; it is simply to add a little pep in the step of your loved ones.

2. St. Nick’s isn’t a major holiday...

So chances are, apart from the morning gift, the day will trudge forward as normal. And normal at this time of year can be pretty chaotic!

Which is why starting the day with something special will be doubly appreciated. It’s a nice-pick-me-up, and a great way to keep some emotional buoyancy amid the stresses of the season. (Because let’s face it, while we absolutely adore holidays, we know that nobody’s are completely stress-free!)

3. If you have young children...

The look of delight and humor at seeing their well worn, usually boring shoes overflowing with goodies will bring joy to your face all day long.

Kids love this holiday in the way that only kid’s can. They love the ridiculousness of it, and they love the wonder of someone secretly filling their stinky old shoes with delights.

So whether or not you’ve celebrated St. Nick’s before, mark your calendar for December 6th.

The kids will be easy to shop for, which is why this guide is all about what to give her on this most wonderful of underrated days!

You only have a shoe, so you’ll want to make it count.

One easy way to make the most of that sneaker is to take advantage of our two-gifts-in-one promotion!

Right now, we’ve partnered with Love Your Melon, an amazing company who happens to make our favorite winter hats. These hats are thick, luxuriously warm, and completely adorable.

We are so proud to be partnering with Love Your Melon, which is why we are also offering such an incredible deal.

Beginning at only $159, you will take home an exclusive black pom beanie adorned with a Swarovski crystal heart, and a gorgeous “Drops of Light” pendant necklace to boot.

These necklaces feature stunningly pure lab-grown diamonds set in wintry sterling silver. With this gift set, you’ll be sure to keep her warm and sparkling all season long.

If you love the idea of giving her some festive bling, but she already has a Love Your Melon hat (it happens), consider starting her on a collection of stackable rings. These begin at only $70, and come in hundreds of styles, making your future gift giving a piece of cake.

Bring some color to her holiday with this pair of dazzling red earrings, which offer 2 ½ total gem weight and cost only $16.

Or gift this amazing sterling silver ring that's oceanic blue stone comes in at a whopping 4 5/8 total gem weight, yet costs only $130.

These are both fabulously festive statement piece that will keep your pocketbook feeling warm and fuzzy, too. Since a ring or a pair of earrings alone won’t fill the shoe, consider using some of that leftover cash on little trinkets that will. Scented candles and plush woolly socks are great St. Nick’s “fillers,” and her new jewelry will look amazing tied with a ribbon around either!

If you really want to go for it, and planned on proposing this holiday season, consider popping the big question on St. Nick’s instead of Christmas.

If she is expecting you to ask over the holidays, she probably won’t be expecting it on December 6th, which means you can bring an element of surprise even when she knows it’s coming.

By asking early, she will get to wear her engagement ring to all her holiday functions, and you’ll be able to enjoy the season for the first time as fiancés.

We can’t think of a better way to bring cheer and love to this most beautiful time of the year. And given that the ring will be in or on a shoe, there are also plenty of ready-made excuses for you to be down on one knee.

Knotted laces? In need of a quick polish? You’ll come up with something…

Happy Holidays!


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