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Think you’re too late for a Valentine’s Day Proposal? Think again!

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

Valentine’s Day is here and maybe like a lot of men, you’ve been planning your proposal:

You’ve written down what you hope you’ll remember to say to her. You’ve made dinner reservations at that restaurant that’s super special to the two of you. Maybe you even organized someone to snap a picture of your big moment! What could possibly go wrong?

Ummm… did you remember to buy a ring?

If in all your planning, one sparkly, little detail slipped your mind, don’t worry! We’ve got you.

You don’t have to wait until next year. With our truly extraordinary Ready To Wear Collection, you can pick her ring today, and have it on her finger by tonight.

Procrastinator? No way… on this one, you’re 24 hours ahead of schedule.

Here are just some of the gorgeous rings we have waiting to go home with you:


Don't let money stand between you and your desire to propose with these impressive little wonders. Each one is under $1K, and couldn't be more gorgeous. Seriously.


Go regal with a touch of blue. (Sapphires are so classic, even Princess Diana had a sapphire in her ring!)


If your future bride loves all things vintage or bohemian, she'll be over the moon for any of these designs.


Are you the sort who likes to go big or go home? Okay. Just don't go home empty-handed.


Not quite ready to propose? If you think the love of your life is expecting a small box this valentines, don't disappoint!

Give her a wonderful Drops of Light pendant or earrings, all of which come with a limited edition Love Your Melon Beanie. Prices begin at just $195.


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