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Should You and Your Partner Exchange Gifts on Your Wedding Day?

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Of course, you’ve registered for gifts to let your guests know exactly what you still need and want as a couple. But have you and your betrothed talked about exchanging wedding gifts with one another?

An exchange of gifts among the wedding couple is a centuries-long tradition that has been practiced across a wide array of cultures, and it’s a tradition we love. Finding time to exchange a private gift to one another on your big day creates yet-another opportunity to check in with each other and steal a moment (and a memory!) for yourselves. On a day when you will both be pulled here, there, and everywhere, planning pockets of time for one another is an ace move.

But that’s not the only reason we love a wedding couple gift exchange… we also love it for the gift itself! When you give each other a gift on this day, you create an heirloom because that gift will always be an artifact of this incredible day. It’s something tangible that will remind you of your commitment and your celebration every time you look at it. Swoon…

We’re biased, of course, but to us there’s no better wedding day gift than jewelry. It’s pocket-sized, which means you can sneak it into all kinds of unexpected gift-giving moments, and it’s certain to last a lifetime (hello, warranty!). We love the idea of gifting jewelry early into the wedding day so that you have the option of wearing your new piece as part of your wedding wardrobe.

Here are some of our favorite moments to exchange wedding day gifts:

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The First Look

If you are doing a first look, you can make the moment last a little longer by including your gift exchange. This gives you a great chance to offer each other a “finishing touch” to your wedding day look. You know you’re exchanging rings… how about bracelets to match?

A tennis bracelet for her or bracelet chain for him is a sure-fire addition to any wedding-day style.

This gift might be even more perfect for same-sex wedding couples who can opt for matching or complementary styles!

By Special Delivery

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If you are a couple who wants to wait until you’re down the aisle to see one another, consider having your maid of honor or best man act as courier. Send a gift to each other’s getting-ready suites. Just make sure you have a photographer on hand, so you don’t miss their reaction.

An initial necklace commemorating her new last name is a great gift. If you’re keeping your own last names, consider a “love” statement necklace, classic heart design, or diamond pendant to wear with her dress. Likewise, a silver or gold chain makes a wonderful forever piece for a man to wear under his collared shirt, close to his heart.

Post-Ceremony Drive to the Reception

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You’ve done it. The vows are spoken, and you’re officially married! Exchanging gifts now celebrates this milestone and sets the mood for the party to follow.

For this moment, there’s probably no better gift than a right-hand ring. They’re called cocktail rings, after all, and they are definitely party-ready.

When gifting an additional ring, you can either include a line from your vows on a little keepsake card, or you can simply tell each other there’s one more thing you couldn’t say in front of everyone, and you can make an additional sweet private vow in this moment.

For men, consider a right-hand fashion band in a material that’s completely different from his wedding ring. If you plan ahead, you could even have the fashion band engraved with your names, dates, or a few words from your vows.

Just make sure to discuss a private gift exchange before the big day. There’s nothing worse than one half of the couple feeling blindsided and guilty for not having a gift at the ready. Set your budget together and pick a time that is sure to happen. Wedding days fly by and trying to schedule an elaborate exchange into an already packed day can introduce more stress than fun.

Once you’ve figured out those basic logistics, look forward to knowing that you and your betrothed are sure to have at least one secret moment to commemorate your big, shared day.


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