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Rings in Time for a NYE Proposal

It might be December 30th, but that doesn't mean you are too late to find the perfect ring in time for a New Year's Eve or New Year's Day proposal!

If the love of your life was expecting a Christmas Day or Christmas Eve proposal, then her guard will be down on New Year’s Eve, which allows you to give her the proposal she wants, with the sense of surprise that you want.

Best of all, last-minute proposals don’t have to limit your ring choice. Whatever her style, you can have the ring of her dreams ready in time for New Year’s. Here are our favorite rings for every type of bride.


If your bride-to-be has timeless tastes, there's no better ring choice than a solitaire. Solitaires have universal appeal because they celebrate the beauty of a single diamond better than any other type of mounting.


Bohemian Brides take their cues from nature. Think delicate details, like vining tendrils of diamonds, and unique, teardrop shapes.

These are the sort of rings that are made for layering.


No cut packs quite as much retro glamour as an Asscher Cut diamond. These diamonds have an Art Deco sensibility.

If the love of your life likes tea sets and silver candlesticks, or is otherwise nostalgic for the aesthetics of yesteryear, she will be over the moon for this incredible diamond ring.


While we're on the subject of diamonds with corners, emerald cut stones are a perfect choice for brides who want some sophisticated romance. Emerald cuts have a royal sort of elegance, which might be why Camilla Parker Bowles, the Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, and Queen Letizia of Spain all wear rings that feature emerald cut diamonds.


If your future fiancee loves nothing more than getting dolled up and going out, then she's going to adore the glamour of this double halo, diamond encrusted ring. This is one that sparkles from every angle, and is the perfect show-stopper for a bride who likes to dazzle.


If your future missus works with her hands, don't overlook the beauty of an understated engagement ring. This choice is perfect for laid-back and practical brides who don't want their rings to get in the way of their day-to-day activities. Solitaire styling with an added halo creates a perfect combination for a woman who wants to feel special, and understated.


Want something really unexpected? This diamond encrusted mounting packs a ton of sparkle, without prioritizing one large center stone. The advantage of this kind of ring is that it packs an absolute ton of sparkle, yet remains more affordable, thanks to its clever use of many smaller diamonds. This is a ring that rethinks what a wedding ring can be, making it perfectly playful for the whimsical bride.


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