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Remounting Your Engagement Ring:

An Unexpected COVID Trend

Trends and tastes change. Engagement rings can, too.

Maybe it’s because people are staying in and saving more money. Maybe it’s because working remotely while homeschooling kids has plenty of women spending an awful lot of hours on their computers, looking down at their hands, and up at screens full of new designs…

Whatever the reason, since the start of COVID, we’ve noticed a new trend that we’re absolutely loving. Many couples are taking this time to remount their engagement rings.

Some women are opting for larger, “upgraded” diamonds, while others are simply choosing fresh new mountings for their original stones. We’ve even seen women who have turned jewelry-box cleanouts into a quarantine activity, who are selecting favorite, little-worn pieces and combining them into rings they’ll wear every day.

Remounting an engagement ring is almost like renewing your vows… it’s an exciting way to revisit and reaffirm all the love you feel for each other, and it allows you to create a piece you love now, as much as you loved the original back then.

Here are just some ways you can update your engagement ring, without losing any of its original meaning:

1. A Fresh Take on a Classic:

This couple opted to stick with a solitaire diamond, set in yellow gold. However, they lightened up the overall feel of the ring while positioning the diamond in a way that lets it shine like never before. This is one way to give your ring new appeal, while staying absolutely true to its original assets.

2. The Larger Diamond:

Maybe your financial picture has changed from the day you first got engaged. Maybe you’ve been reading about lab-grown diamonds and are ready to make the switch.

Whether you trade in your original diamond, or use is as a side-stone in an exciting new mounting, there’s no time like the present to enjoy your dream ring.

3. The Multiple Ring Merger:

Perhaps you have a family heirloom ring that you just never wear. Maybe you’re ready to bring some additional sparkle (or even color) to your classic engagement ring. Combining multiple rings into one allows you to create a one-of-a-kind design that is as classic or avant-garde as you like, and it brings added layers of meaning to your original ring.

Ring Mergers can be done as custom pieces (such as the ring shown above), or your favorite gems can be combined into pre-existing mountings, offering you a brand new, yet classic ring.

4. The Delicate Touch:

This is a great option for women who adore their original ring, and just want to freshen it up without breaking the bank, or changing its look too much.

A delicate halo around the center stone, a spray of small diamonds added to the sides of the stone, or a diamond-encrusted band are all ways to add fresh new sparkle, without fundamentally altering the ring's design.

The beauty of this approach is that your original ring can really stay fully intact, as the upgrades only add to it; they don’t actually rework it.

5. The Overhaul:

There’s a ton of reasons you might opt to change your entire engagement ring design. Maybe you were given the original ring, and never really felt it reflected your own, unique love story. Maybe your circumstances changed, and this was always the eventual goal. Maybe you are simply the daring, artistic sort, and you and your partner love trying totally new things together. There are limitless ways to work elements of an original ring into a totally-new design.

If you’re interested in seeing what your ring can become, stop into any one of our nine locations. As always, you can expect a pressure-free, completely safe shopping experience, including unlimited, sterile, ring try-ons to help you figure out what remount options suit you best. Any new design will be backed by our industry-leading lifetime warranty, so in every way, you can shop with confidence.

2020 has been a doozy. Maybe there really is no better time to treat yourself.


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