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Mother's Day Special: The Art of Gifting

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

Mother’s Day is around the corner and this has got us thinking a lot about gifts.

bouquet, banister, railing, doily, pastries, box of pastries, pink and white flowers

While figuring out what to do for all the Moms in our lives, we decided to take advice from one of the world’s most beloved mothers… Mother Theresa.

“It’s not how much we give,” she said, “but how much love we put into giving.”

We agree.

Which is why this year, we are taking the pressure off of gifting by choosing classic Mother’s Day gifts, and gifting them in extraordinary ways.

Firstly, let’s get this straight: there is nothing wrong with giving mom a tried and true gift!

Classics are classic for a reason: they are sure to please, no matter if you are shopping for your wife, your mom, or your mother-in-law.

Yet, people often worry that giving someone a classic gift won’t seem thoughtful or exciting enough. If you harbor this concern, ask yourself… are you considering only the gift or have you thought about a unique way to give it?

Because if Mother Theresa is right, (and we sincerely think she is) then the giving is where you should be putting your efforts. The art of giving is your real opportunity to show someone how much you care.

Our favorite way to gift the classics is to combine them.

The key is to always have at least one piece in the combo that will last. You won’t want to give just flowers and chocolates, for example, because before you know it they’ll all be gone and Mom will be without a keepsake.

With that in mind, here are five exciting ways to gift the classics this Mother’s Day!

1. Flowers + Stackable Rings

flowers, spring flowers, rings, diamond rings, stackable rings, sapphire ring, moss, bouquet, nosegay

What mom doesn’t love a bouquet?

This year, mix things up by separating the arrangement into smaller bundles of just a few stems each. Then chop the stems to about six to eight inches, so your mini bouquets don’t look too ‘leggy.’

Once you have them looking good, secure each miniature bouquet with a different stackable ring.

If you have kids, each child could pick out their own favorite flower and their own favorite ring to give her. If you alone are doing the gifting, consider presenting these mini arrangements at different times throughout the day. By day’s end, she’ll have a room full of flowers and a complete set of beautiful, on-trend stackable rings.

2. Something Pampering + A Wear-Everywhere Necklace

bra, panties, panty, bralette, lace, green lace, wireless bra, necklace, gold necklace, dogeared necklace, pink flower, daisy, bra drawer

Every woman has a favorite bra. We’re talking about the one she would like to wear everyday, everywhere, under everything she owns.

These little necklaces are the equivalent of that bra: they are pretty enough to look good with gym clothes or a little black dress, and they are great layering pieces.

Pair them with a longer necklace for an effortless boho chic look. Did we mention they are already packaged on beautiful placards? That is why for this gift, no giftwrap or box is required. Instead, use her bra drawer.

Here’s how: take out her old bras and panties. (Don’t get rid of them!) Just put them elsewhere for the sake of presentation. Then make an arrangement of other pampering items in the drawer instead. We like the idea of new bralette and panty sets or a comfy summer-ready sleep set beside the necklace, but lotions or bath products would work well too.

When you have the arrangement how you want it, simply close the drawer and wait. Mom will love this start to her day.

Our faves:

3. Kitchen Items + Diamond Studs

tea, tisane, tea kettle, tea pot, tea cup, loose leaf tea, diamond earrings, diamond studs,

Yes, it’s 2018 and the peak of the #metoo movement, and yes, gifts for the kitchen still rank as some of the most popular Mother’s Day presents across all fifty states.

While we don’t recommend buying your wife/mom/mother-in-law a new pair of dish gloves, we do think foodie items make superb gifts. After all, even if she doesn’t like to cook, everyone loves to eat.

Our recommendation is to serve this gift breakfast-in-bed style. Wake her up with a tray of her favorite goodies, and include two bags of loose-leaf teas. Teas with textural interest, like those containing roses, hibiscus, dried fruits, or pieces of spice like cardamom or cinnamon will make for a beautiful display. (The purveyor you buy the tea from will likely pack them in attractive bags for you.)

“Fasten” each bag with a diamond stud earring to ensure a dazzling start to her day.

4. Bangles and Chocolates

cupcake, diamond bracelet, bangle bracelet, tennis bracelet, chocolate cupcake, vanilla frosting, buttercream frosting

Up your chocolate game with an assortment of decadent cupcakes, and when you buy them, be sure to ask that each one be boxed separately.

Then, separate a series of bangle bracelets and place one in each box, either around the base of the cupcake, or resting sidelong off the top.

If you have kids, this is another great opportunity to get them involved.

bangle bracelet, gold bracelet, chocolate cupcake, vanilla frosting, buttercream frosting, black forest cupcake, cherry on top

Let each child pick which bracelet and which cupcake to give her. Then, forgo giftwrap and have them decorate the outer boxes instead.

Mom will love this gift because it shows her kids’ individual thoughtfulness, and the way they came together.

Our Favorite:

5. Dining Out + Any of the Combos Above.

Mother’s Day Brunch is pretty standard. Maybe this year you should reward yourselves to an evening out instead. (You know, the kind you used to have with her before she became a mother). This gift is pretty specific to our local Twin Cities’ readers (sorry broader internet!), but it is just too good a value not to talk about.

Right now, Wedding Day Diamonds is giving you a $50 gift card to Crave Restaurant with any Mother’s Day purchase of $150 or more. (We told you lately we’ve been thinking a lot about giving!)

How you wrap up this little gem is entirely up to you.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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