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How to Celebrate Your Anniversary When the World Around You is Closed

(Love isn’t cancelled, even if everything else is…)

Is your anniversary around the corner? Are you fretting about how you’ll celebrate this milestone when so much of the world is still closed or restricted due to COVID? You’re not alone…

Summer and Fall are the most popular seasons for weddings, and that means they’re also home to an inordinate number of anniversaries. Usually, options for summertime romance are never-ending. This year, pickings are a little slimmer. But that doesn’t mean you should let your anniversary pass you by. An anniversary is an achievement, and times like this are exactly what “for better and worse, sickness and health” is all about. So don’t let your love be cancelled, just because everything else is.

However you like to celebrate, we have an alternative that is COVID-proof, and sure to please.

1. If you normally do a romantic dinner…

There are so many restaurants doing special, socially-distanced, patio dining. Head to a neighborhood you don’t usually visit, sit outside, and commit to a slow-paced evening of watching the world go by.

One of our favorite Anniversary-level options is Grand Café’s ‘A Slice of Paris.’ It’s a five-course menu designed to make you feel like you’re dining at a Parisian sidewalk café. To make it extra special, gift her something sparkly over dinner. We recommend a delicate necklace to catch the evening sun. C’est la vie!

2. If you want a touch of old-fashioned romance…

Dress up a little dapper. Invest in a good blanket, basket, and shatter-proof wine glasses. (Don’t forget your corkscrew!) And pack a picnic to remember.

We aren’t talking about sandwiches. Instead, opt for charcuteries, pâtés, specialty dips, spreads, olives, and fancy fruits.

Pack a nice bottle of wine, or tinctures to mix up a specialty drink.

And sneak a small gift into the basket.

A tennis bracelet is the perfect way to bring major glam to a laid back picnic. Walk or bike to your favorite park. Eat, sleep, talk, and enjoy a Rom-Com worthy evening.

Sometimes the best way to celebrate an anniversary is to remind yourselves that you really don’t need anyone but each other.

3. If you want to be traveling…

How about a small-town getaway? Pick a town you’ve been meaning to get to, mask up, and go on a hunt for the perfect couple’s anniversary gift to commemorate this memorable year. Not only are you guaranteed some laughs as you sort through small-town treasures, but you’ll also be supporting local businesses that can probably use the help.

If you want to make an overnight of it, consider avoiding hotel crowds by booking a small, reputable Bed & Breakfast instead. Just in case the town you choose doesn’t offer the perfect anniversary gift, have one at the ready. Diamond studs, or drop earrings are surefire picks, and they're guaranteed to go with her outfit, no matter what she’s packed.

4. If you want to splurge…

With everything being closed, you’ve probably been staying in more than normal. And while you might be going stir-crazy, the upside is you’ve probably saved a good deal of money. So maybe this is the perfect time to do a deep staycation!

Make a list of your favorite places, or the places you’ve long admired and wanted to explore, and spend a day saying yes to yourselves.

Support local businesses, and give yourself some little splurges for your home, for your bellies, and for each other. Buy the kinds of mementos you usually only pick out on vacation.

Stackable rings for her, and a rugged fashion bracelet for him will definitely start your day out right.

There’s a reason you decided to make your life in this city. A staycation is an opportunity to remind yourselves of just how wonderfully rich your home beyond home actually is.

5. If you want to get away from it all…

We get it. This year hasn’t been easy, and maybe getting away from every reminder of real life is exactly what you need. If that’s the case, you’re in luck.

Many state parks, private campgrounds, and luxury cabin rentals are available. Get away from home and avoid crowds by booking a romantic, off-the-grid outing.

Find a place on a lake, and lie around as though it’s your own private beach.

Allow bird songs to accompany your morning coffee.

Go for walks together at dusk.

And if the fresh air hasn’t completely worn you out, fix a nightcap, sit outside under a shared blanket, and take in the spectacle of stars.

Then, bring a little of that sparkle to her own neckline with a diamond pendant to commemorate the moment, and last a lifetime.

COVID-who? We thought so…


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