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Falling for Right Hand Rings

The kids are back in school. Temperatures are starting to drop. And if you’re like us, you’re already considering when to pack away those shorts and tank tops to fill your drawers with plush, light sweaters instead. But the news isn’t all bad. Long sleeve season, to us, means one thing… time for a new ring.


Your wrists and neck are about to be covered in sleeves and scarves for the next six months, which is why, to us, fall and winter are the season of the ring. There’s no better accessory to bring new life to those extra-long sleeves you’ll be wearing day after day, and that’s why we’re dedicating this article to the splendor of a good, right-hand ring.

Right-hand rings boast some of the most diverse designs to be found in the world of jewelry, which is why we’re so in love with them. They offer personal style to meet every taste, and with 70-95% of the world being right-handed, you can be sure right-hand rings are a means of self-expression that won’t be lost on anyone.

Here are some of our favorite styles for right hand rings:


We love these because of their mix and match quality. They look equally at home with faded jeans as they do with a little black dress. And because individually they are so affordable, stackables are a great, easy collection to start.

They are a guiltless treat to give yourself, but they’ll also make you that much easier to shop for come Mother’s Day, birthdays, and seasonal holidays. Starting at just $65 dollars, these are pieces even your little ones (with the littlest budgets) can still look forward to gifting!

Colored Stones

Colored stones bring a personalized element to any look. They’re simultaneously elegant, commanding, feminine and worldly, and they have a way of making even the drabbest cardigan look chic and polished. We love colored stones set as center pieces in vintage-inspired, art deco designs, but they’re just as gorgeous incorporated into a classically demure, three-stone ring.

Eternity Bands and Fashion Bands

These delicate bands, with their crystalline, snow-flake like structures, bring just enough glitz to any outfit.

Eternity bands are beautifully neutral, which means they’re a ring you’ll wear at every age and every stage. Whether you’re single and want a nice piece of jewelry that can hold up to your everyday, or you're married and looking for a ring guaranteed not to compete with your engagement ring, the eternity band is a piece you really can wear eternally.

Family Rings

These are like lockets for your finger. A family ring incorporates the birthstones of one’s family members. Oftentimes, women opt to incorporate the birthstones of each of their children or grandchildren, but we’ve also seen stunning designs that display a single colored stone, usually to represent a favorite relative who’s passed.

Family rings have an empowering quality, like an emboldening secret, that make them truly special right hand rings.

Stackable rings pictured can be found here:

Other featured right hand rings can be found here:


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