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Diamonds are a Guy’s Best Friend

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

If you think diamond rings are only for women, we have some news for you.

More and more men are choosing stone-studded wedding bands, and for good reason: diamonds are the hardest substance known to man. They’re a symbol of eternity, stability and lasting love. So why should girls have all the fun?

Men’s rings have evolved a lot since the days of unadorned gold bands. Today’s designers are using diamonds in ways that are anything but feminine.

Here are our favorite ways to bring masculine bling to your wedding ring.

1. Diamonds as a background.

This is the ring equivalent of a really cool actor doing a really sneaky cameo. Like when Scorsese appears in the back of the cab in Taxi Driver. By arranging these diamonds behind masculine detailing, the stones don’t scream look at me, and yet, they make it pretty darn hard to look away.

2. Black diamonds.

Do we really need to explain the appeal of black diamonds? If normal diamonds play with light, then black diamonds rebuke the light. They are tough, deep, mysterious, and seriously masculine… basically the Johnny Cash of gemstones.

3. Diamonds as a border.

“Good artists copy. Great artists steal.” –Pablo Picasso

These rings steal their style from traditional watchbands, from cranks and gears and stacked rows of gold bullion. Whatever their inspiration, the resulting design is entirely its own. The lines of these rings are strong and classic. The diamonds stand like Night’s Watchman, diligently yet unobtrusively guarding the ring’s edge.

4. Center Stone

If a border of diamonds are like Night’s Watchman, then a single stone radiating upwards is Gandalf on the broken bridge bellowing, “Thou Shalt Not Pass!”

It is the enduring awe of a singular moment. A singular diamond representing a singular love.

The center stone on this ring will carry all the same meaning as hers does, but the look is secure and steadfast, clearly belonging to the realm of man.

5. Solid Diamond

Why have stones in a ring, when the whole ring can be made of stone?

Elysium Black Diamond Wedding Bands are truly unlike anything else. Their solid diamond construction makes them the hardest, most scratch resistant bands on Earth. They say diamonds are forever, and these rings really do seem to exist untouched by time.

Their satiny finish is as evocative of ancient ruins as it is of future civilizations. The resulting style is confident, understated and declarative: diamonds really are a man’s best friend.

All rings shown above are offerings of Wedding Day Diamonds. Pricing begins at $585.


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