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Celebrity Rings (and Our Guaranteed-for-Life Doppelgängers)

If you’ve been coveting the ring of your favorite celeb, look no further. It’s been brought to our attention that we (ahem) carry more than a few celebrity-approved styles...

Here are some of our favorite celebrities’ engagement rings and our look-a-likes. The best part? Unlike many of the custom designs chosen by celebrities, every one of our rings is backed by an industry-leading lifetime warranty—meaning your ring will last, no matter what happens to the latest celebrity marriage.

Model Behavior:

Victoria’s Secret and Sport’s Illustrated Swimsuit model, Kate Bock, is wearing a stunning cushion cut diamond with a halo, compliments of NBA Star, Kevin Love. This is one of today's most popular styles. Here’s hers, and ours.

Flipping for Ovals:

We can’t get enough of oval engagement rings, and apparently neither can Simone Biles and Jonathon Owens. She wears her oval diamond on a thin, diamond-encrusted band, just like this one…

The More the Merrier:

For Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas, the adage holds true for diamonds and weddings. The pair reportedly hosted multiple ceremonies to celebrate their vows across various cultures. (How cool is that?) Her engagement ring also sports multiple diamonds in a showstopping take on classic three-stone design.

Meghan Markle also wears a mesmerizing three-stone ring. (We can’t stop looking at this one.) Hers is more classic in its styling. The diamonds are mounted to be viewed individually, rather than to “stack” up to a mountain of bling like Priyanka’s.

One and Only

Both Mila Kunis and Jennifer Lawrence are reminding everyone why solitaire engagement rings are the most popular choice year after year. There’s simply no better way to showcase a perfectly cut diamond. Mila’s is as classic as they come, with a gorgeous round brilliant diamond in a platinum band. Jennifer opted for an amazing emerald cut diamond, which like ovals and marquise, can help lengthen the look of the ring finger.

A Destined Choice:

Former Destiny Child’s star, Kelly Rowland, chose a voluptuous cushion cut diamond, further accentuated with a bold halo and thin, diamond-encrusted band. Both halos and lean bands can make a center diamond appear even larger than it is. The result of these design elements together is breathtaking.

Less is More

For choreographer (and dancer for Lizzo), Shirlene Quigley, and her musician fiancée Tayla Parks (who’s written songs for Arianna Grande, among others), a daintier round brilliant diamond mounted on a classic diamond-encrusted band is the perfect wear-everyday choice for their active lifestyles. We love how this ring dazzles without demanding attention. It’s the perfect engagement ring for someone who’s happy to make a statement but doesn’t always want their ring to steal the show.


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